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    About Diamond Status

    Introducing Diamond Status 

    We feel totally blessed at Ditch the Label to have such an incredible community of members who are welcoming, respectful and here as a support network to those who need it. We're always thinking about new ways to reward members - first we launched user ranks to reward activity, then we launched badges and now we're launching Diamond Status! 

    When you receive Diamond Status, you'll also receive some super cool perks - most notably, for the duration of your status, you'll get:

    • A blue username
    • An updated user title from 'Member' to 'Diamond Status'
    • A diamond icon on all of your posts
    • Plus, a diamond icon with your status details in your navigation bar

    In addition, you'll also receive a permanent Diamond Status badge to display on your user profile and on all of your posts.

    Typically, Diamond Status is awarded for 1-month and members can receive it multiple times. We may, at times, also offer Diamond Status for longer periods of time and in rare cases can award permanent Diamond Status.

    How to get Diamond Status

    Each month, the Community Team, Wardens and Digital Mentors will be making nominations for members who meet one or more of the following:

    • Have made inspiring progress or personal growth
    • Have been welcoming to other members
    • Have been incredibly supportive to other members
    • Have contributed great content

    We'll be making our nominations at the end of each month and will announce our monthly Diamond Status members in our News & Updates section.

    We'll also, at times, offer Diamond Status as a prize for certain community competitions.

    If you receive Diamond Status, you will receive an automated private message and your perks will automatically be active. 

    As this is a new reward, we'll be adding additional perks and updates as we go along. Enjoy!

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