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  2. in the beginning of the school year, i befriended a girl i thought was interesting. she had no friends and we bonded very well. i often push my friends away due to my difficult and possessive personality, but she had nobody else, so i secretly enjoyed that. i introduced her to my friend group, and she she won everyone over. her way of bonding with the others was talking crap about me. although she was unspeakably rude to me, making fun of my appearance and such, i still hung out with her. i share many periods with her and i'm scared to look lonely in front of others. recently, she has been talking crap about me to people less than a feet away from my face and also trying to get physical. now she's the one who won't leave me alone. what should i do? i feel like this is all well deserved. how do i fix my personality?
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  5. I could really use some confirmation that my mom is homophobic, I don't want to point fingers if it's not actually true.
  6. Tears for fears - although I think the fact I keep listening to all their albums is problematic.....
  7. I think I've been lately actually more accepting and like the label bi. Obviously I don't need to tell everyone I'm bi if I don't want to, but I think it helps me figure myself out. I feel like it's going to be an in-progress type of thing and I know most people usually don't decide on their sexuality right away, so I feel like it's fair to say I have time yet to figure myself out.
  8. ok not trying to go aginst every idea you have but i just moved schools and don't trust anyone at my new school
  9. Damn, ok why don't you try telling your principal or some of your teachers.
  10. i can't do that my parents can see what i do on my phone all the time and they check everyday.
  11. Ok, if you think that your parents will harm you then I suggest maybe getting a help hotline on speed dial if you want to tell them.
  12. Hey there, Thank you for sharing this with us. It's completely normal to be confused by something like this because what he said can be interpreted in different ways, and it sounds like it's really stuck with you which would happen naturally because of what he said. I'm wondering, what do you think would help you with this situation? What do you need that you don't have right now?
  13. Hey there, I'm sorry to hear you aren't in a good place at the moment. I'm wondering, are you safe, or are you planning to take your own life? It's okay to share if you are, and the more we know, the more we can help you. I know it might not seem like it now, but there is light at the end of every tunnel, and you can move forward - we believe in you :) I can see that you've also talked about a couple of other things as well which we can definitely go through together, but first, I just want to make sure you are safe first. Just incase you need it, here is some safety information if you are in crisis. The first two are phone lines you can call to talk to someone, and the third has other lines all over the world: - UK - The Samaritans: 116 123 (24/7 service) - USA - NSPL: 1-800-273-8255 A list of worldwide crisis lines: https://www.befrienders.org https://kidshelpphone.ca/urgent-help - You can text, message them online, or call them on the number listed on this page (they are available 24/7) An app I can recommend: https://www.prevent-suicide.org.uk/find-help-now/stay-alive-app/ this has safety plans to make sure you don't harm yourself and you might find it useful. If you’re in the UK, you can text SHOUT to 85258 when you are struggling, and a trained crisis volunteer will text you back. This is great if you find talking on the phone challenging, and it’s completely free 24/7
  14. the tricky thing with karate being my happiest space, its also what made me feel the most suicidal i ever had. and i there have been other, smaller, occurrences where karate makes me feel really down. so my parents aren't sure if i should keep doing it though i know for sure i'd be beyond depressed and not have anything i want to live for anymore. And yeah, its often that i have smaller suicidal urges or thoughts, nearly every other day, sometimes more. im not in a good place atm... i dont know. ive always had trust issues and been hessitant to believe people actually know how to help me, but i dont know why i push them away and try and prove them wrong really. i try not to but always end up getting defensive and doing so. also i started feeling this way like yesterday or earlier today or something- i’m genuinely debating these days whether i should just pretend i’m a girl. im so hated for who i am by everyone that life is so depressing i don’t know if it’s worth it. rather be loved but hate my entire existence than be hated and still hate my existence, even if it’s a bit less than it would be if i pretended to be a girl. i’ve never felt this way before and it’s weird bc im so confident in my identity these days to want to change that just bc of what ppl think of me. but it’s fucking hard when your parents hate you for who you are, your peers hate you for who you are. i’ve been bullied my entire life for being a “girl who acts like a boy” and now im even weirder to those bullied prolly cuz now im the “girl who says shes a boy”. they don’t treat me like a typical guy even when they say they’re chill w my name and pronouns.
  15. Here for fellow Aquarius's to chat and hang out!
  16. no, no one in my family likes anything about LGBTQ+. I am the only one
  17. Hmmmm, is there anyone in your family u could depend on? Like to support you & be there for ya?
  18. hi i was looking for some help i am having a problem i like this girl but my i just found out she ismy friends ex and also my friend still likes her what should i do.
  19. My feeling is because I'm both instances of friendship she worked for me as an employee. I believe in my heart that is all I have to offer is a safe job, although we do become very close during these times. I am feeling lonely and lost. Not sure what I have done to cause this.
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