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Dear Ruth




Dear ruth, you were loved by everyone. Especially me. I loved you so, so, much. I loved your smooth, soft feathers, your feathery feet, the way youย  waddled when you walked because of your poufy feathers. You were wider then you were tall. You were so cute. Your eggs were beautiful and so tiny, but so delicious. You put up with my horrible singing, and let me pet you. Sometimes I would bring you inside and feed you Uncle Sam's cereal. You used to love that stuff. You would pick out the seeds and leave the bran flakes. I hope you lived a good life and didn't suffer when you got taken by the eagles. I loved you Ruth. I still do.


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  • Digital Mentor

This is so sweet, @Star23

I can tell how much you loved her. You clearly looked after her and gave her an amazing life ๐Ÿ™‚

How are you feeling?ย 

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