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I have many chickens, however where we live thee are a ton of eagles, and I have literally watched a chicken get ripped apart by 3 eagles at once. I tried to stop them. I couldn't. I failed. I  just feel like only the ones that are named get eaten by eagles. Whenever a chicken dies, I just feel sad for a few days and don't want to hang out with people. I am wondering if maybe I should just stop keeping chickens because of the sadness they are causing. Like I have rescued a chicken from an eagle and its feathers were ripped off and it had a hole in its back from an eagle  talon. I was kind of traumatized after that. What do you think?

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Hey there,

Yeah, I can really see how tough it is for you when one is taken. It must be so upsetting, especially for it to keep happening. I think that it would be a shame to miss out on the joy of having your wonderful pets because of the fear of losing them. What do you think? I'm wondering, is there a way you could protect them? Like having a roof over their pen? 

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I know what it is like to loose a pet. I takein wonded and sick reptiles, I get attached to them, but most of them don't make it, so I know how you feel, however I keep fighting for it, hoping, knowing that one day I will be able to help more and more of them, and I understand if you give up, but you could also inovate find ways to protect them or repell the  eagles just know if you need to talk to someone who knows somewhat of what you are going through I am here

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