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Tomato pastry





So this is an unnamed pastry creation of mine, I didn’t quite write down measurements so allow me to just explain. I made a shortcrust pastry, which is just cutting some butter into flour and adding water until it comes together. Then I tossed that in the fridge to rest while I made the filling, I cut some cherry tomatoes in half and squeezed out the seeds because they’re too watery, then I cut some onions and put them in a pan with the tomatoes and let the tomatoes blister and the onions go translucent. Then turn off the heat and salt them, add dried basil, fresh oregano (let that wilt in the pan) and some balsamic vinegar concentrate if you have it. Regular balsamic would add too much liquid. Then roll out your pastry, cut a rectangle  out of it, and some strips, then put a spoonful of the filling in the center of the rectangle of pastry (after the filling has cooled) and lay three strips over it. Lift one strip and put a second strip perpendicular to it underneath the first. Then lay the second strip over the next one, and under the last to form a lattice. Repeat twice, then press the strips down into the bottom rectangle. Then take one more strip and use it to line the perimeter of the rectangle over the places where you pressed the strips down. Repeat this till you run out of dough (the filling can be used the next time you make pasta). I put these on a piece of parchment paper and put them in the air fryer, and I took the paper off halfway so that there would be no soggy bottoms, and I simply eyeballed it, but you could probably do the same in the oven, I just found the air fryer convenient.





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