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Boyfriends vs. Girlfriend




I've had a lot of boyfriends. My friends tallied up the ones they count and it was 47. The total amount of men I've dated was something like 63. I've only dated one girl, but even then at the age we were I knew I loved her. 

She was amazing. In every way. But unlike me she wasn't comfortable in being who she was outside of our sanctuary. So we were in a relationship, at the same time she was dating my ex boyfriend while I was dating a new guy.  And the new boyfriend was my exes twin brother. Slightly messed up right?

Anyway, she and I would meet up at after school clubs and go together to a small dark dingy back room and be who we are or rather who we were in peace. Our unsuspecting boyfriends never thought anything of us doing so. 

My boyfriend,  let's call him Callum,  and hers, Chris, were open minded and knew I was bi. They didn't really care. But they were never really good about it. When I was attacked with a brick, they stood by and watched. They didn't get help. And so I can understand why Ella, (the girl my ex was dating who I was also sort of dating) didn't want to come out. But she ultimately broke us up because she would rather live a "normal" life than admit. She knew that the next day my boyfriend propsed to me. I was a bit broken of Ella, but I accepted anyway. 

I learned halfway through planning that he had also cheated on me. I wasn't so much as betrayed by him, as he was dating (or more accurately having sex with) my attacker, but more grateful. I was in love with Ella, but despite her love for me, the people we knew were the thing that kept us apart. 

When I was attacked a third time by the same person, Ella finally stood up for me. She said if they did anything again she would stand ignorant to it. This time I was critically injured. But I'd had enough of me and Ella hiding where no one could see us. We were splitting anyway going to new schools. We said the most painful goodbye i thought I'd ever have to say. 

I never felt for any of my boyfriends what I did for Ella. Sometimes it was close but I always knew that if Ella called me I would go to her quicker than I would of they needed me at the same time. 

I always thought that we'd get together when she came out.  But after the last goodbye we never saw each other again. I began dating another guy. He wasn't very good to me. I left him, when he found out I was bi.  He didn't take it well. 

I often compared the people I dated to Ella. Only one ever came close to her. 

But thats another story... 

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Have you seen Those People on Netflix? If not you should. This reminds me of a situation in that film, sounds like Ella will be the one that got away

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20 hours ago, Lexi-and-Lost said:

I haven't. I'll try it. But to be honest , I hope one day Ella and I will be back together. Now I sound like a cheesy rom com!

Always think if it's meant to be it'll be 😍

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