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Once upon a times




Don't hate me when I say this, but I have never liked Disney films. I know that is a bit strange, and an even stranger start to this, but stay with me here. 

Disney has always been to me," once upon a time... and they lived happily ever after." I don't belive in that.  One of my ex boyfriends loved Disney, and Pixar and all that kind of stuff. He didn't like the fact I didn't. We would fight over it, we would fight over a lot of things. But our film night fights always ended badly. I don't know why we continued  but we did and always fought over the stupid little things. 

I would sit with him and watch the movies he picked and ate what he wanted. I never got a say, and to be honest I wouldn't not have minded that if he had considered what I do and don't like. But when one day he said to me if I liked dome film he had picked, I think it was Music and Lyrics, and I said it was "cute"...

Not a good thing to do.  He was infuriated that I thought they were both wrong and the film was not what you would do in real life. I mean don't get me wrong, I love sci-fi and horror films that involve some sort of magic/alien, I do. But in real life would someone really do the crazy thing that the films say we do??

In Cinderella, the Prince would have found someone who wore the same size shoe. Sorry but he would. 

Anyway my at the time boyfriends was not happy about my cynical nature and distance form Disney.  He wasn't good to me in any respect and I think (oddly) this is what ended us. He had decided that we would go as a Disney couple for Halloween but I didn't want to. He and I fought. 

Long story short we didn't have a happily ever after.  I don't think I would have wanted one with him anyway. But his way of "dealing with me" as he said was never good. My friends all tried to break us up but until that Halloween fight they were unsuccessful.  That relationship was toxic. I know that now and regret not listening sooner, but he was so into Disney and happily ever afters, I just couldn't be.

There was no happy end with him. Just a lot of regret. But maybe its not the end just yet. Maybe just the end of this act, when the princess runs from happiness just for a bit then fate pushes the lovers together again. 

Maybe there is an ever after for me, for us all. 


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  • Digital Mentor

Hey there.

Thank you for sharing your story with us. It was quite poignant and moving; you write very well. I just want to say sorry to hear that there was no happy ending here, but with you saying that you don’t think you would have wanted one with him anyway, maybe it was for the best. I’m sure there is someone else out there for you. How are you doing at the moment? 

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