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mars the candy bar



I started school yesterday. I've been in homeschool for 3 years now... and i hate it. The only reason i wanted to get away from public school was because people bullied me for being weird and different. Honestly, homeschool sucks. You never get to socialize with anyone. The only time i get to socialize is when i'm at church on Wednesdays and Sundays. My parents dont want me in public school, be cause of sex-ed. Honestly, i dont mind Sex-Ed. I already know alot about sex, female and male genitalia, etc. They didn't really know that California requires that, so even in homeschool, i still have to learn it. 



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Hey there,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having a hard time at homeschool and that you were bullied in public school too. Can I ask, how are you feeling at the moment? I hope that you're okay - we are here if you'd like to talk to us. I'm wondering, would you like to go back to public school? I can see that you were bullied there previously, but it sounds like you really want to socialise more.

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@Monsoon It's  quite alright, past is past, and i've moved on. I'm feeling okay. Homeschool is alot more stressful, but i guess that's fine.  And yes, i would like to go to public school again. Thanks 🙂

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Hey @Jamesssss

Yeah, it's good to move on - it can be hard to do that, but once we let go, we can grow and develop 🙂

Have you spoken to your parents about your wish to go back to public school? 

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