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First Rant to Cover everything that's happened.




If you haven't read my earlier posts, and you want all the details, go to my profile and scroll until you see my posts because there's a lot to cover. Basically, I had this guy friend that I grew close with last year, but during april last year everything kind turned upside down. Me and my friend I shall dub M were really close with him, and he noticed he was off. Fast foreward he was sick and just didn't want anyone fussing over him. He went home and stayed there for a few days with his mom (he lives a few houses down from me). My teacher talked with his mom bec we still thought there was some stuff going on. Me, M, my teacher and this boy's (I'll call him S) best friend, who I'll call E, were sitting in the hallway talking about everything and E told is everything he knew about S and what happened in his past. S starts acting like a jerk but not really a jerk etc. A week or two later, M, my friend J and I confront him in our school Chapel. (I don't really know why J was there, she was mostly there to make sure I didn't make a run for it bec I'm not good with confronting people about stuff and I was nervous). He tells us his whole backstory and stuff. We walk about together (all of us) and during the whole story thing the poor guy looked like he was gonna cry. He's never told that to anyone. Not even E, who knew a lot about him bec he's S's BFF. knew the whole story. S goes to fill his water bottle and he is avoiding eye contact and looks like he's gonna cry again. I can see the tears in his eyes. He tried to speed walk past M and I up the stairs but we catch him and both hug him. I was shorter back then so my cheek was against his shoulder. (I was crouching down a little ok?) Fast foreword to september. We started high school. M doesn't talk to him anymore, (she's a year younger, still in grade 8. We were in a 7/8 split last year.) J was never friends with him to begin with, but she's one of my best friends. S and I kinda lost touch, but every time we passed each other in the hallways he'd look at me. I ran into him while he was getting the mail at the mail box with is across the street from my house. We talked for like 2 minutes before it got awkward and he said he had to go and he didn't even get the mail! I still care a lot about S and I'm pretty much the only one who knows his whole life story and every single thing about him who does. We still don't really talk, but I text him when I can even though it's not very long responses on his part. I snap him, and try my hardest to wave to him when I can. We have first period class together starting monday when semester two starts. Hopefully we can fix things. He got a gf like last week. He kept giving me mixed signals so it hurt when he got someone else. My feelings for him are pretty complex, but they're real. The girl he's dating now is in my english class, and bro walked in twice the other day bec my teachers chill, and sat with her and E who is also in my english class. BRO. KEEPS. LOOKING. AT ME. IN THE HALLWAYS. HE DOESN'T DO ANYTHING ELSE. EXCEPT LOOK AT ME WITH HIS EYES! This guy is probably the most confusing human being I have ever met in my life. Again, if you want all the details, go read my past two posts about it. Have a nice day and thanks for reading that! :) <3

If anyone has any advice or just anything to say in general about this that would be appreciated. :)

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