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Smoky Loki



Good morning/afternoon/evening :)  Soooooo basically there's A LOT going on with the theatre production I'm in.

For background, it's a high school production of Anything Goes, and I'm in the ensemble. This is the annual "big musical", and the theatre department puts a whole lot of effort into the show. This year, they hired an outside director-choreographer (let's call her KA) and music director (let's call him C). They've directed two big musicals in the past at my school, so EVERYONE loves them. 

Anywho, we were a few weeks into rehearsals and everything was going fairly smoothly. But on one Friday rehearsal, everyone could tell that KA was not her usual self. She went on a somewhat problematic rant at the beginning of rehearsal about how we should come to rehearsal if we're feeling sick. Yes, you read that right, should. Everyone was pretty weirded out, but we went on with rehearsal.

For the first part of rehearsal, she worked with a small group of dancers, myself included. For one whole hour, she rehearsed the shortest song/dance in the whole show, and the reason it took so long is because she kept forgetting her own choreography, and the poor associate choreographer (who is a student) had to keep correcting her. And it was fairly simple choreography, too. 

After that hour, we rehearsed a full-company number. KA was clearly overwhelmed by the number of people she had to choreograph. She kept changing the choreography to the point where the associate choreographer had no fucking clue what was going on. She finally decided to give up trying.

She called a 10 minute break. It turned into a 30 minute break.

When we went back inside, KA was gone. The head of the theatre program sat us down and told us that KA was "going through a really rough time, so she went home". 

Turns out, she was drunk.

Yesterday, we got an email from the head of the theatre department that said this:


"Dear Cast and Crew,

I want to let you know the administration has completed its investigative process and has decided that KA will return to her role as Director/Choreographer. We have sent out a letter to your parents/guardians letting them know as well. We will have a full cast and crew meeting tomorrow, 1/27, at 4:00 PM and KA will address the entire AG team. We will not be having the regularly scheduled rehearsal that afternoon and I am looking forward to seeing the whole team get back to work and continue to put together what I know will be an incredible show. If you have any questions or would like to talk, please reach out.

Take care, [theatre dept. head]"


The ironic thing is, the theatre program has a zero-tolerance policy when students misuse substances. And they don't even have to show up drunk/high to rehearsal in order to get kicked out of the program.

But KA, the director of the fucking show, who is supposed to be a responsible adult role model, shows up drunk to rehearsal and doesn't get kicked out. 


Anywayyyyyy that's enough of that. The meeting is today, so I'll edit this post to update y'all on what happened at the meeting. Stay hydrated and have a wonderful day!



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UPDATE: The meeting was fairly uneventful, but KA apologized a lot which is good. We didn't get much more information than that.

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