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The feeling may be mutual




I went from being meow at to being treated like a puppy

sit down, run fast, no that isn't right

I have to fight the urge to scream SHUT UP A! She's driving me slowly but surely violent

not crazy, I'm already crazy

And then everyone is purposely trying to put a teacher in the hospital by wearing perfume

And i can't ever seem to find time to see the counselor

And when i was in a room with my friends i just felt so alone, like i was useless

they have other friends now who are nice but i guess it was permanently engraved in my brain to hide my true feelings and who i am from everyone

not that i know who i am

A girl, a crier, a brat, a show off, a quiet kid, and annoying kid,  a stupid kid, a useless kid, i kid who doesn't want friends, a person who wished she had someone to talk to


I don't know

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