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An update on some of my pets!

Hey Y'all its me again, wow, two blog posts within a month of eachother?ย  What is this.... free time!?!?!ย  (*GASP*ย  I have it again)ย  I figure I should update you on my pets.ย  My three babies in my aunts care are doing great, she got Bolt the bullfrog a bigger tank, and Osiris the toad now has a scull in his tank he loves to sit on (Egyptian lord of the underwold sitting on a plastic human skull... it is too cute)ย  Zeus is still a sassy little leopard gecko, althogh no where near as bad as Odin, who is still here with me and is watching as I write this, and can we take a moment to appriciat just how cute that santa hat is on him... like... come on, santa lizard!ย  The rats are doing great, and are aprotching a year old, meaning they will start to show signs of old age in the comming months.ย  Instead of having a large colleaction of reptiles like I used to, I now have a collection of some fairly exoctic house plants, I love the feel they bring to my room, and they don't need to eat noisy crickets (creak creak creak, all night long, it is enough to drive someone insain) If anyone has any plant spieces they would like to remomend please for it, I will never have enough of them!!!!

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