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A little bit on why I have not been active




Hey y'all, I know it has been a while to say the least, and well, that is becuase I have been rather busy.  I not only have the responobilitys of FFA president, but I was scholors bowl team captian, and our season just ended.  I also had the honor of playing the lead role in our school play, I was Peter Pan in Peter Pan, and have been invited to reprise that role by a fairly well known local preforming arts person, who I have been in a play directed by him before.  Beyond that, I had a few more people pass away that I have not said anything about on here.  As far as all of my critters go, most of them have been rehomed to my aunt.  I still have four rats and Odin the gecko.  I have a ton of house plants now, and am always adding more.  I have gotted much deeper into the world of D&D and Magic the Gathering, and well am becomeing slowly obsessed with Wendsday (no spoilers, only on ep 3)  I have started to over come my artists block,  and am working on drawing human figures and faces to change up the pace.  I have started doing a lot of modle and miniutre painting, as well as doing some canvase painting.  I have been reading a lot as well and recently fell in love with Throne of Glass and the Mara Dyre trilagy.  I am writing a book(s) with my partner, and we are almost done with one (which gave us major prequle vides, so we will be writing more before we even think of publishing)  I am still working on getting a drivers licens, but my school does not have driveres ED which is making things a bit difficult.  I no longer am being bullied as much in school, now I have to worry about a couple of straight guys that keep trying to ask me out, even though I have flat out told them I am in a relationship (not that I am gay, don't quite feel safe that being common knowlege just because of how a lot of the kids in the school have talked, though I at the same time am not so subtle with it in having a pride flag in my locker and a love is love pin on the jean jacket I never go anywhere without)  Come next semiser I will be doing forensics speach and drama compatitions, and all the events I do in FFA.  Some other things have also changed and I am gaining more confidense in myself, and am getting better at talking to strangers in a profecinal setting.  Also as of a few months ago I have just become unapologeticly myself, expressing myself through what I wear, something I almost never did before (hello jean jacket, pins, buttons, bandanas, and nerdy t-shirts)  Also as of this year my little sister is in the same school building as me (high school and middle school are in the same building) so if anyone has any tips to get your little sisters friends to stop trying to hug you while you are on your way to spanish or plant and soil scienses they would be much apriciated.  I have also made a few new frinds this year,  one of them, her name is Symphone and is absoulitly obsessed with loki and reptiles.  She played captin Hook in the play and was my right hand women during scholor's bowl.  The other one goes by Jay, and is the only other semi-out gay kid in the school,  and I am one of the only people that talk to them/listen when they talk.  Our new ELA teacher has also become a friend of mine, both from being scholors bowl coach and liking the exact same genera of books as me.  I do not know if this post cab be taken as me trying to come back, or if this is just a 'hey I have time, lets do this' thing, so anyway, I will be seeing y'all


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