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My favorite Wof (Wings of Fire) oc I’ve made his name is Sphinx




Sphinx is a sandwing, nightwing, silkwing, leafwing, and hive wing hybrid, with sandwing venom , silkwing antenna, and both mind reading and prophecy from the night wings. He is a shy quiet dragon who doesn’t speak much he is very thoughtful and despises violence and prefers to spend most of his time reading, and my favorite part about him is that he is gay.  @Stormy_Skies has inspired me to do a weekly updated story which will take place in the WoF universe in a version where all the tribes are represented at Jade Mountain Academy and mostly get along, but most of the other dragons are suspicious of the hybrids and when Sphinx has a vision of a grave future in which all the tribes suffer under the control of a cruel Seawing named Vampire Squid and only Sphinx and a few others he has never met before, hybrids outcast even among other hybrids, are the only ones that can save the world from this fate.

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