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My Novel so far...





So this is what I have so far

 Rainbow bracelet

I trudge along the sidewalk, feet heavy arms unconsciously moving at my sides. My bulky parka rubs it’s stiff fabric together, resulting in the sound:


I really do dislike the cold months in Sofíasville, particularly in the morning. Then the sun seems determined to stay under its cloudy covers, refusing to wake up. I only feel this way for about two blocks before I make it to GOAT COFFEE. 8th grade can really be a drag if I don't get my daily chai tea. I like the way that it burns the back of my throat after taking a sip.

I quicken trudge to a trot, the faster I get there -I bargain with myself- the faster I can get that chai.

Finally the building comes into view. I can smell the coffee from the ten paces away from the place already.

My hand finds the familiar door handle as I open the stubborn door. It has always been a work out in itself of opening the door. The family that owns the cafe has always meant to get the door fixed but they kept putting it off for more important things. 

I walk up to the cash register and sanjay or sanj as I call him is waiting to take my order. His face lights up when he sees me. Sanj doesn't particularly like working in the cafe but he does it for his parents. Sanj and I go way back to nursery school when we first met each other. Ever since then Mami has always said “you are like Manjard and cookies, you just stick!”.

“ The usual” he says with a grin playing on his lips. what is he plotting this time I think

“Do I even need to answer that” I say looking up, he is already making my chai.

“Well someones in a mood today” he says freely in his sarcastically sympathetic voice.

“I will refuse to talk to you until I have my chai” I say in my pretended grouchy voice as I cross my arms and look back at the black and white checkered floor.

“Lucky for you, princess, it's done.” Sanj says in his annoying I-am-going-to-mock-Petra-until-she-cracks voice specially tailored for me.

“By the way you look ravishing today” Sanj adds and that does it. I know that I am just giving him the reaction he wants but I just can't help it.
 “ Sanj I don't know how many times I have to say I am a LESBIAN to get message through your thick skull, but then again homosapians dont understand things like the average human being does.” I say, annoyed. Men, ugh.

“How. Could. You.” Sanj says faking being upset.

Sanj or his full name Sanjay is the type of guy girls go crazy for at our school. He is a soccer player, works in his parents cafe and is just a nice person in general. The only thing that I think is terrible about him is sense of style. Today he is wearing a purple shirt and orange shorts. First of all it is literally december. And second of all purple and orange, seriously?

“Nice outfit” I say to him sarcastically.


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