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Happy Halloween!



Happy Halloween, everyone! How are you today?

I love Halloween, since I get to dress up and walk around town with my sister while we trick-or-treat. For the past couple of years, I've been doing an abstract sort of costume, with each one of the 'elements.'  The first one I did was shadow. then fire, then wind, and this year I'm going as earth. I have a black dress-cloak-thing that I've covered in flowers, and ghillie suit pants and jacket. I've also covered the jacket with flowers. I have a red wig with very long hair, and a mask. For the mask, I've painted the lips green, and drawn a flower with roots tangling around one of the eyes. There are also lumps of hot glue that I've colored green with a sharpie. 

What are you going as for Halloween?

Also, today, my friends at school and I are doing a gift exchange. It's kind of like a Secret Santa, but my friend Pippa came up with the idea to call it a Secret Spooky. What are some fun Halloween things that you are doing today?

Coincidentally, Halloween is also my 1-year anniversary on DTL

Have a great day! 😀🎃

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Happy halloween!

That sounds like a very cool costume

I went a touch more abstract this year  too, and just went as 'a futuristic warrior; animal edition'

Happy one year anniversary :)

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