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Okay, so I have finally finished up the first complete rough draft, but I dont know what to name the play!ย ๐Ÿ˜…ย It ended up being about 15 pages long (so, shorter than I thought, which means I didn't overwrite- yay!ย ๐Ÿฅฐ) The basic storyline is- Billie has an invisible friend named Niko. (fun fact, Niko means Nobody in Bosnian (shout out to Google translate, lol) which was the character's original name) As Billie grows up, he forgets how to see Niko, but Niko stays with him, because they can tell he still needs them. Billie falls in love with Juno, a trans girl he met at school one day, but also gets diagnosed with anxiety disorder. When his parents see him kissing Juno they chase he out and Billie- already angry because Juno had been jumped at school before she came- starts to break down. He takes too many anxiety pills trying to calm down, but ends up overdosing. As he starts to get worse he sees Niko again for the first time in three years since he had forgoten them. They convince him to call Juno. She comes back to the house just in time to find Billie unconcious. If she had shown up any later, he would have died. But Billie survives. This whole affair makes him parents see past their transphobia against Juno and accept her, seeing her and Billie's bond. Billie finds a new senec of love and hope, and finaly lets Niko go. The play ends on a hopeful note, with Niko free at last and Billie learning to live with his anxiety and his family finally trying.ย 

Okay, I have to go, but I got down the basics. If you guys have and tips or ideas, it would be greatly apreciated!



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Okay, i have a couple ideas for the title- most of them from lines in the play itself.

- To Find Someone

- To Be Someone

- Nobody Alone

- An Imaginary Friend's Guide to Life

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46 minutes ago, LemonboyEmmy said:

What's their name?

I used to have a girl called Poppy but she got really aggressive yesterday and then she left


Since yesterday I met four lads this afternoonย 

So far I know




And I havent spoke to the 4th one

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