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Scene One




Today we got the cast list for our class show. I got ensemble (again), and, honestly- I'm fine with that! I enjoy being a part of the chorus, working closely with other people and being the backbone of the shows. But I know a couple of my friends who are very upset by their casting. Ensemble is often viewed as lesser than, and that bothers me. Sure- its not the leading roll- but try and imagine Hamilton without the chorus! The ensemble makes the musical feel larger than life- what if Newsies was only Jack and Crutchie and David and the other "main" characters onstage? If Les MIs was just Marius for Red and Black? The ensemble makes the musicals we know and love so much more powerful- one voice is nothing compared to twenty. People take it for granted. (sorry, I started rambling there) That might be the reason I love the concept of the Greek chorus so much (if you don't know about the traditional Greek chorus, it's very interesting). The chorus in traditional Greek theatre is basically the narrator- they tell the story, they react to the story. Without the chorus, the play would have entire scenes missing (Fun Fact- in traditional plays, you couldn't show violence onstage, so the chorus would describe it- often in graphic detail- letting the audience imagine it instead of having to show it). I am hoping to use this sort of style- with a deeply involved chorus and ensemble- when I write my own play.

(Disclaimer- The name I post under is my stage name, not my legal name)

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For anyone who actually read this- thank you so much for taking time to read my ramblings, I really appreciate it! Please feel free to comment your thoughts of questions or suggestions!

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