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A little update on my life.





I've been working on an old story, I've got less then a page done. Instead of working on it everyday, like I did with some stories I now hate, I'm working on it when ever I get a new idea. I've also been working on a story I have delayed since January the 28th. Both stories have are very typical. Nothing really cool and different, but it's just for practice. I'm waiting until I'm really good a writing to write a book I've been working on for awhile. I'm really excited about it and can't wait until I'm good a writing.

Life has been pretty normal. I've started learning French along with Japanese. I'm getting pretty good at them. I'm also working on my art, though I'm not an artist it would be cool if I could draw my own characters. I've been re-reading my favorite books, its OK but I'd rather read something new. Almost everyone in my family is sick. I hope I don't get sick cause I just recovered from being sick. They didn't get sick because of me, because their sickness is different. I've been having the most vivid and random dreams lately. I mean I've always had really weird dreams but these are probably my favorite. It's usually me fighting evil and going on adventures. Which I love, well except the fighting part. 

I can't tell if my mental health is getting better. I've just been ignoring it, but when someone mentions it it all comes flooding back. Though I push it down again and say "I'm fine." It's too painful to face it so I ignore it, which makes it worse so I push it down. It's probably not the best thing to do but lately I haven't had any energy, so I can't really face it. But other then that I guess I'm fine. I haven't been sad or happy just kinda numb.

I haven't had breakfast yet and it's noon so bye.



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