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One year on DTL!!!!!!




Wow it’s hard to believe it has already been a year….

lots has happened in that time I lost a lot of people and pets figured out who i am found the best and most amazing partner ever and become a part of a community that has members all over the world I improved in drawing and found D&D rehomed nearly all of my pets and started keeping plants fell in love with agriculture and FFA and made many new friends in this community some of the old faces have gone and new ones have joined since I joined here and I have gotten to help people going through their own struggles help create new features and just let others know they are not alone I would really like to thank the mentors @Monsoon & @Blondie for helping me ever since I joined and @MoonieOwl@Foggy_the_enby @Emberfrost12 @Stormy_Skies and @TheOriginalAxel  even though not all of you are active any more I consider you all to be actual friends and want to thank you for helping me in the sometimes horrible sometimes wonderful journey this last years has been 

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You are more than welcome for the help :)

We love having you here on the community. 

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Thank you too for helping me!

I stopped logging on as last year I had a racist and homophobic 'friend' so i wasn't in the best mental state but now I have adopted two of the best friends I've ever had so I started to forget about this website but I still get emails for it so if ever you want to talk I should be around!

Also your pets are adorable I just have to say all I have is a mountain of teddies to keep me company lol

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Congratulations on one year in the Ditch The Label Community! It’s amazing that you are with us, lovely loyal achievement. Here’s to many more years! 🥳

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I missed you too!

They recently asked to be friends with me again because I was out with my actual friends and we ran into some girls who knew him and they were being quite rude so I just stayed out of it and guess what? They reported back to him so after calling me lonely, a pervert, childish, annoying, selfish AND being racist to my friends ex he thinks it it ok to ask to be friends again.


He hasn't spoken to me since which is quite funny because all the things he said to me I can find an example of him being too. I am waiting for him to text me again when I can show him the screenshots of him being horrible behind my back and ask for a reasonable explanation for all his claims plus a reason for why I should forgive him and maybe he would rethink assuming that I would forgive him lolllllll

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Ophfff that is horrible if he asks for forgiveness he needs to show that he has actually changed I am soooo sorry that happened to you and I hope you find and meet some real good true friends that have your back soon

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