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Ranting about life in the Midwest Untied States and I the us in general




I have realized recently the whole “American dream pulling your self up by the bootstraps” thing is a lie for one thing you are almost always told to go to college and become a lawyer or doctor or some other “high end” professional only to spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to college and enter a typically over saturated career and struggle to find work and make a living. Secondly why all the guns?!?!? I understand having hunting rifles and historical guns (like older then fifty years) but why do people need all of these assault style weapons that work, like if you collect them or sell them for collecting do something so it cannot be shot! The school shooting in Texas killing all of those kids people saying there doesn’t need to be another mass shooting after that one… well there have been at least 18 more since it happened that I have herd of and last I checked was a few days ago!!! Guys it’s sad how hard it has become to faze me, last year a few blocks away from my house a toddler was shot and killed a teenager was shot managed to get away and call the police from a school parking lot… while you can’t see the particular parking lot from my house you can see the school. But the worst part is that didn’t suprise me!!! I have become so desensitized to shootings as they happen all the time in the us and most don’t Eve make the news the worst part is tge state governments are too busy making being trans illegal to do anything more that say “sorry we will say we are doing something but we actually do nothing hahaha” and wait for the next catastrophe to take our minds off that one. Beginning of my sixth grade year we had an intruder drill where relatives of teachers that were not members of the community had nerf gun and shot at the kids to show us what an actual intruder might be like every one else said I was “being dramatic” but I was scared and confused as to why this was necessary why did we need to prepare for someone coming into what was supposed to be a safe place and trying to kill all of us? Why did you have to tell an 11 year old that in that senario half of your class of twenty was likely to die? Why do people have to get all up in arms about who you live or what you identify as yet MASS SHOOTINGS don’t always make the news why do I have to hide that I like girls and gender nonconforming people instead of guys why do I have to hide that I am an lgbtq+ Christian?  Why do I have to worry if my school will be next? I don’t want to worry about these things !!!! I want to worry about where to take Rocco on a date or how my D&D party are going to survive the kind of monster that gives monsters nightmares or about keeping my house plants alive or what boom I want to read or video game I want to play or about how to keep my little siblings out of my room!!!! Not if my school or the school of friends or family is going to get shot up and become just another news story or if the wrong person learns who I love and what I believe that I become the next mutulated body of a lgbtq+ person found in a trash can. Everything you hear and see says America is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave I feel anything but free knowing who I am is offensive to someone and most of our politicians are anything but brave there is so much wrong with this country fourth graders should not lgbtq+ people should not be having to fight for our rights (again) people like me should not have to be worried if people I love will get shot if I will get shot I should not have to worry that if I break a bone when I move out that I might have to choose between help, utilities, or college text books I should not have to worry if there will be enough of the earth’s climate stability to save or if my rights to marry the person I love will be overturned I am SICK of worrying and then to know that I am still considered lucky as I don’t have to worry about being shot because of the color of my skin, yet I still have to fear that fate for some of my friends I wish everyone nomater gender, race, religion, sexuality, whether they are disabled (I hate that term by the way) or nerotypical (this one too) every one deserves the treatment of the standard straight  cisgender white male with no disabilities and who is nerotypical 



This is my opinion and belief you do not have to agree with me but that will not change my standing


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I agree and it annoys me that a politician who was questioned about gun abuse and school shootings and straight up said "Are you attacking American exceptionalism?" Like, people dying to guns should not make us superior to other countries.

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I agree, and it also annoys me that people in Canada are JOKING about this. Like wtf? People make so many anti-america jokes, and I'm all, bruh, I know so many people who could face this, all the people I once went to school with, and the people I used to be friends with. I don't even know what school they go to now! I have no way to know if they're okay or not!  And I'm left to stand up for the decent people in america, as an American, and from then on, people only see me as American, even though I'm just as Canadian, and they start trying to argue about the dumbest things, completely ignoring the way they figure out that I'm american. Someone talks about moving to america, and people make comments about going to their funerals?! It devastates me that the american government's doing nothing to save lives because they're too busy ending them by leaving people with no choices but risks! It scares me that as an american, people want to fight me (verbally, thank mars) about ideals that aren't even mine, and nobody else even cares? Honestly, when is the government going to take this seriously? You should need permits to own guns, and more permits to own combat/machine guns! (You should also need to list your permit number or show it to buy bullets.) Rggggh some people need to get brains. 

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THANK YOU! I really needed that today. I am so stressed out about the elections in PA. I am scared for my family and for my friends. People are telling me that I don't have to worry about the election coming up, but i do! I don know if you know this but there is a terrible man being elected in Pa Doug Mastrino. He wants to make abortion illegal. How can I not be concerned about this??? People are going to. make decisions about my body. And I wouldn't really call it "people" I would call it men. I am just so scared and IO agree I shouldn't have to worry about this but I do. And I do with good reason.

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