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Just talking





So I just finished Ad Astra on Archive of our own, it made me cry soo many times. But I love it! 

My birthday is coming up and I'm getting a new book, Daughter of the Deep by Rick Riordan. I'm very excited. 

I haven't work on my story at all, so chapter two isn't finished. But I'm planning to get it finished by the 10th of June. Doesn't give me a lot of time but I'm tired of delaying it. I personally hate the way I write but practice makes perfect. 

I just got my hair cut today, it's very short and I don't really like it, but hopefully when it grows out a little bit it will look good.

Life has just been pretty boring since I last posted. I have started (not on purpose) skipping meals. I've just lost my motivation to eat. 

In my story I've been stuck on this one part. Vale is supposed to go to Jazz's house with Lois but he has school and that's where Vale meets Aden and Kelly. But I'm not sure what they should do at her house. I don't want them to just talk and watch a movie. Any ideas?

Wep, byeee!

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