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It's soo hot today!





So I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt and its like 83°F. Let me explain, last night I got very bored so I may have drawn a bunch of Xs on my left arm. A lot. And well my mom doesn't like me drawing on myself, you get the idea. I know what your thinking, "Well Vivi why don't you just wash it off?" But the problem is I might actually like how it looks. I mean I've always wanted a bunch of tattoos on my arm. Anyway, I also painted three of my nails black on my left hand and two on my right. It looks a bit funny but I like it. It matches my one earing, which is a story I'll save for next time. I know I already said this before, but my birthday is next Sunday and I'm a bit scared. Mainly because I'm planning on being myself (which I don't really do). I'm going to embrace who I and in front of my family. I am terrified. But I'm only doing this on my birthday, maybe when I'm more comfortable I'll do it again. Ooo, I have to tell you something. So I've gotten into this strange habit of wanting to make my younger sister by two years, cringe. What I mean by that is whenever I leave a room when she's in it I say things like "later bro," "peace," etc. Also I constantly scare my older sister, she's very easy to scare. Now she's pretty mad at me.

I'm done talking now, bye bye!


Do you guys actually like reading these?

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Hey there,

Yeah, I remember you telling us about your birthday and your plans. How do you think it will feel once you've embraced yourself in front of them? 

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Nice but very scary. It's going to take all my strength to do it, even if it's just for a day. I just hope they won't dislike me.

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  • Digital Mentor

Hey there,

Even if they don't like it, might it be the case that they just have to get used to it despite being unsure at first? 

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