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Something good that happened today.




So like um I had a good day which is rare. Here are some good things that happened to me today. 

In theatre people never want to be my partner but we got some of the issues sorted out with my teacher which is nice. Anyways, one of my friends actually wanted to be my partner! It felt good because I am used to be being rejected. Another good thing is that I made honors theater with my best friend so we could be in the same class next year and we have a musical coming up!!

I also met a new friend, who is new and from Louisiana but came here to texas, and she is really nice to me even when I mess up. When we played soccer I was her partner along with my Spanish friend who I talk to her in Spanish. It was fun except we were all sweaty! 

At the end of the day, I played roblox with my friend, and finally had the courage to tell him my survival story and had some people treat me ( I didn’t say I was demi or aceflux because why would I?) Anyways, he said that that wasn’t right and I should be treated better. When I mentioned I was one pound, was in physical therapy for 6 years, and was born three months early, he said, “ well, look where you are now.” That made me happy, and he also said that I would be a good author as well. I am grateful we met because he makes me laugh and we have a lot of things in common.



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