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A book

Elliot And Ellie





Y/n-your name

Adoptive parents 

James-dad-Powers healing super speed 


Real Dead X-X

Warning gay scenes death book will be measured in time integers 




                            6:00 Hour before mission

“Y/n Lets go and get ready” dad said as he sped past my door to the training room. “I’ll catch up I need a snack i'm starving!”I yelled down the hall, hobbling and trying to get my pants zipped “OK HURRY!” he yelled back his voice echoed across the white and black shiplapped walls. I ran to kitchen and grabbed 2 cans of pop and some cookies,I stopped at the bathroom on the way to the training room dad was already punching the the punching bag so I hurried and chugged my pops and stuffed the cookies into my mouth my Arising was coming soon so i've been working like a horse for the past two years just to get to this point and it sucks ass “hey dad where's papa?” I asked as I threw my non-padded gloves on and grabbed my scythe “ he's upstair getting his gear, we have exactly an hour till the mission so I want you to train hard so we can rescue your brother” he said in a exhausted tone dad and papa haven't gotten much sleep in the past year “ok then let's get working” we started worked out for like 15 minutes then we moved onto karte and some other moves when we were done with that I made my way to the kitchen to grab us some more snacks “dad i'm going to start getting ready for the mission" I said before I walked out of the room and to the elevator my room was in the attic so It took 5 minutes to get to my room with the elevator  so I just sat down on the ground and waited(5 minuets later)I walk into my room and go straight to my closet it always surprises me how big it is for it has all of my weapons,shirts,pants,and even gala dresses for when I have to under cover I go to my left which hac my gear and put them on then I go down A little more and grabbed my scythe





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