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Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!




Oh my gosh hello!

Literally two minutes ago my brain was filled with ideas for my story. I am soo excited! I had only three characters but now I have six.

Vale, gay, 17

Lois, bisexual, 16

Jazz, aromatic, 17

Kelly, lesbian, 16

Aden, straight, 17

(Will be introduced a lot later) Sam, gender fluid, 16

I haven't posted in a month because I'm falling behind and have too many ideas (trying to go through them and figuring out what to keep). I can't control my excitement for what will happen next. It will be a pretty romantic story. 

Lois, Vale, and Jazz already know each other. Jazz will introduce Vale to Kelly and Aden, then introduce them to Lois. And later into the story they will meet Sam at a pride event.

Everything is planned and all I have to do is write the little details. I am really trying to add more to the story but I'm very lazy. 

If you want to read my first chapter I posted it on Archive of Our Own. It's called, The Seaside Town. By Vivien16. 

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