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Need decorating advice! Talking about random things.





So I want to decorate my room with space and plants, but I don't know how. My room is dark brownish and looks good with teal and green. I have some plans but I'm not good at decorating. I need advice.

I made some really cool drawings with pen, but now I have to buy more pens because I used it up. And my earbud just broke!ย 

My birthday is on the 29th and I'm begging my mom to get my a murder mystery game. I love mysteries! My sister gave me an early birthday present and it was the movie The Castle in the Sky.ย It is my favorite movie.

I just started school again and I'm dying. I'm on lesson 16 in math and lesson 4 in science. I won't be getting a summer break๐Ÿ˜ญย 

My room doesn't have a door nor and bathroom. Try to imagine being on your period and not having your own bathroom. And I have to wait until tomorrow to get my favorite snacks. I just want to curl up in a ball and die. I have the worst cramps.

I haven't worked on my story for two days, now I'm behind. I have to catch up on school and my story and I'm on my period! This is awful! Not to mention I haven't even had breakfast yet!

Well enough of that, bye!



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