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The Story I Promised You All





Chapter 3

The search

“So, where are you going to search for her first?” My adoptive mother asks.

“Well, I was planning on going to the hospital to see if they can tell me a bit more about my birth mother” I say, really excited about the fact that at long last, I will finally be able to find my birth mother.



“Do you know what her name is?” asked the doctor.

“Yes, her name is Natalie Howlett.” I reply, hoping that they have her on record.

“Ah, yes, here she is, she is 37 years old, 5’ 5” and has 6 other children” the doctor tells me.

I have siblings! Are they all boys? Are they all girls? Are there more boys than girls? Are there more girls than boys?


“Thank you, this information is really helpful for me.” I told the doctor.

“You are most welcome young man. I hope you can find her.” The doctor replied.


“Is that her?” I asked my adoptive parents, unsure whether I had found my birth mother or not.

I spent days and nights searching for her and eventually, my hard work paid off and I found my birth mother.

I decided to visit her home address to see for myself.

“Excuse me, is this the residence of Natalie Howlett?” I asked timidly


“Thats’s me, who’s asking?” She said to me.

“I am asking because I believe that you are my birth mother.” I said to her.

“Axel? Is it really you? After all these years?” she said, sounding both confused and happy all at once.

“So, you must be my birth mother if you know my full name. I heard I have 2 brothers, AJ and Leland and 4 sisters, Sky, Cassie, Tegan and Talulah” I said to her.

“Why don’t you come on in and meet them then son” she told me.

I was so excited to meet all my other siblings and tell them why I haven't been there to protect them growing up and protect them from bullies at school and help them with their homework when they struggled and help my mother when she has needed me the most raising all 6 children on her own for the last 16 years that I haven’t been with her.

“Mum, can I ask a question?” I asked.


“I suppose you’ll be wanting to know why I abandoned you as a baby at the hospital” she said to me

“Yes, that is my question.” I said to her


“Well, I left you at the hospital because I was only 19 and I felt like I wouldn’t have been able to care for you properly and give you the life that you deserve.” she tells me “I just wish that I hadn’t left you at the hospital all those years ago because look at you, you have turned out to be an amazing young man.”

“Please stop, you're going to me blush.” I say to her but accept her compliment anyway. “I just wish that I did live with you because then I could have helped you with these little rascals and looked after them for you whenever you needed to go shopping for them and I would have been able to do all the cooking and cleaning for you as well because you shouldn’t have had to cope with all of this on your own for so long.” I tell her.

“But, but, but...” she stutters.


“No buts mum. As soon as I finish school and college, I will be moving in to help you and the kids. I don’t want to hear any arguments from you, and I will be telling my adoptive parents about this so that they can keep the house they currently own so that they can continue to adopt other children and give them an amazing life like they did with me.” I told her.

“I don’t deserve to have such an amazing son like you.” She says to me.



“I’m home.” I call out to my adoptive parents, “I want to talk to both of you about something I want to do when I finish my education.” I tell them

“Ok, what is it that you want to talk to us about?” they ask.


“Well, I went to see my mum today and I got to see my 6 siblings as well, and I said to her that as soon as I finish my education, I will be moving in with her to help her and the kids and that you can keep this house as long as you promise me that you will continue to adopt children and give them the same life that you gave me, which was an amazing life and nothing could ever come close to how I felt for all of those years growing up with the both of you because you have both given me a great start in life and I want that for other children as well.” I tell them.

“We promise. We want to adopt more children and give them the same life that we gave you as well.” They say to me.

“You guys are just the best.” I say with a big smile on my face.

End of chapter 3











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