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Today is the 3rd!




Sunday, I hate Sundays. There's church (I have nothing against church it just makes me extremely uncomfortable), family time, and me being very emotional for some unknown reason. We just moved to our new house two days ago and have been unpacking the things we brought. Today we're figuring out who gets which room, and it looks like I'll be sharing with the two youngest (7 and 10). The movers should be here on the 12th with the rest of our stuff. My sisters are outside playing, my mom is sitting in the sun, and my dad is getting food for our picnic by the pond in our back yard. When he gets back we have to do worship time, even though I told my mom that I'm taking a break from it to work on my mental health and because I felt force on to it. I haven't worked on my story in a while which is upsetting, but I don't have any motivation. I haven't finished the first chapter even thought I started it in January. I'm really unset about that. I've gotten into a bad habit of being on my phone too much. It's even started giving me headaches, please help me stop it. I've journaled a little bit in my actual journal and I've come up with a new story idea. This is what I hate about me, I get a story idea, work on it, then leave it for a few days, then I get another story idea and do the same thing. It's an endless cycle. I don't know how to stick to one story. Help!

Oh shoot! My dad should be here soon and I want to rollerblade. I'll post tomorrow if I'm not busy.

Got to go, bye!

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Hey there,

How are you doing? Would you like to tell me more about what's been going on with your mental health recently? 

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