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So there's this boy I'm scared of...

Lil Jiko



Not only do we attend the same taekwondo school together, we are also on the school's demo team. He is the leader of the team, and I always feel intimidated by anything he does. What's worse is that he's one year younger than me, already has a "LinkedIn" page, and achieved many awards and fame from his school and work at taekwondo. I only achieved a Principal's award at my middle school in 8th grade, but I don't like thinking about middle school because they always bring up bad memories. Whenever I look at him, I'm always scared of him critiquing me, how I haven't remembered our form, or maybe how I should lose weight. I know it's only my own thoughts and feelings I placed on to this boy, and it's not fair to be scared of someone who hasn't done anything bad to you. That's logical. I get that. I know there's no need to be scared of him, but I still feel scared of him. 

I didn't talk to my parents about it yet because I assume that they would say something like what I mentioned in the last few sentences or tell me that I'm over-exaggerating and that I should be more friendly to him. I'm going to talk to therapist this Thursday about this and update in a few days.

--Lil Jiko



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sounds like you're going through a difficult thing, I think talking to the therapist about this is a good idea and then you can see what they suggest that you do about you're feelings 


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Thanks, SadLife. I hope my therapist will help me understand my feelings a little bit better. 

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Hey there,

Thank you for sharing with us. It's really common to compare ourselves to others, especially when we perceive them to be really successful. It will be interesting to see what your therapist says about this, and I'm wondering, do you have an idea as to how they might respond?

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