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Exciting News About My Poetry Book, Gen Z's F*cked Up Version of Romeo And Juliet!




Hey everyone! I know its kinda late, but I am soooo excited, I can´t wait to tell the world! so people who have been reading my poetry lately, like @MinamatoKouFan23 ( which, thank you :D I appreciate it very much) know I am doing a series called  Gen Z's F*cked Up Version of Romeo And Juliet, and a lot of people at my school I´ve shown this little project of mine to people and they have all said that I should make a book out of this, and I started thinking. I think that I SHOULD make a physical, dusty-paper smelling book :) I think quite a lot of people could relate to my experiences of intimacy, pain, sorrow, happiness, and a person with a vicarious and queer perspective. I will also provide a warning because the things I write in this book provides content like abuse, ecstasy, depression, a bit of blood and graphic description, hate, death, a lot of mental illness, a bit of self-harming, suicide, trauma, and violence. there isn´t so much that it will bring back memories to bad times or anything but in my book its 90% about self image and self reflection and my perspective of the world and asking out to the world, ¨do you feel this too? do you see what I see? is it just me and I´m crazy or do you know this?¨ and I´ve always had a passion even when I was a  itty bitty kid, to be able to connect and touch peoples hearts and maybe, if there´s hope, to be able to change the world with my words. I don´t know when it will be published but I will try to publish it by pride month since thereś obviously queer content in my book because I also talk about my sexuality a bit. right now Iḿ going to send the list of chapters and ¨albums¨ that I have finished so far in order :) if anyone has any questions, opinions, concerns or suggestions, please comment me in this blog entry! 

This is my progress! 


Table Of Contents Of Gen Z´s F*cked Up Version Of 

                        Romeo And Juliet 


Chapter 1: If Insanity Were To Be A Person…That Fell In Love 

( Album 1: Denial Into Loving The Lemonade Head Ego-Sized Waffle Cone ) 

Pg.1—---------------------------------------------------------------- Pg.16

  1.  Confused // I Do Not Love Thee! 
  2. Thorns Are Beautiful 
  3. Contorted Crushes 
  4. Damn, Why Do You Do ( Love) Me Like That?
  5. Trying To Find My Purpose In Love, Day Number 1;
  6. Trying To Find My Purpose In Love, Day Number 2;
  7. Trying To Find My Purpose In Love, Day Number 3;
  8. Trying To Find My Purpose In Love, Day Number 4;
  9. What I´ve Missed
  10. Someone Called Your Lover 
  11. Coming Around…Knowing That This Is Friendly 
  12. Aurora Borealis Are Cute To Look At, But Only Because You´re Right In Front of Me 
  13. Love Songs That Have Been Sung 
  14. Waffle Cone
  15. POV: When You Can´t Read My Handwriting  
  16. Manipulative, Intriguing, Dangerous, Playful, and Stupidly Nice
  17. Rediscovering a Love Note In Your Pocket 

Chapter 2:The Ranting Chapter That I´d Advise You To Skip 

(Album 2: Sometimes; A Story About The Ice Cream That Always Melts 

Pg.18—-------------------------------------------------------------Pg. 28

18. Sometimes 

19. Curly Hair 

20. Fathers Day 

21. It First Started 

22. A Best Friend I Want To Kiss…Sometimes 

23. I Love You, Luna 

24. You Know I Heard A Rumor,

25. A Chick Telling Off A Barbie 

26. Crushing Dead Hearts 

27. Many Friendship Dates

28. Itś Funny How 

Chapter 3: The Antsy Teenager That Has To Clear His Throat Several Times For People To Know Heś Dying 

(Album 3: I Said That My Dear Lover Breathed In My Lungs, But My Mother, Father, And Siblings Strangle Them)      


29. Selfish 

30. A Blunt Description Of Blood Being Drawn For Donation

31 . ¨Thank You, Now Get The Hell Out Of My Life, Please?¨

32. ¨How Are You Today?¨

33. ¨What Are Your Pronouns Today?¨

34. I Can´t Believe I´m Saying This…  


Edited by Chabela



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