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Ok I am just sitting here and thinking, and anyone can feel free to answer these questions.

first off what is so cool about hanging things from the ceiling,  like oh! It dangles now! Also what is the point of posters I have like five of them in my room and I don’t know why, also does anyone else want to just dedicate a wall to maps from books movies tv and video games like the cool fantasy ones? Also is anyone else just obsessed with pins and buttons, like it’s cool and tiny and I can put it on my bag! Also why must geckos be judgmental like, I give you food water heat and a big tank and you STILL hate me?!?!?   Also I don’t even know why but I have a massive pride bag from ikea like bigger than a ten gallon tank big and it is just full of books, ALSO help Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I have nothing for @Rocco help me!!!!  I might make them a small thing or something ack sorry about this I don’t even know why I wrote this

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Ohhhhhhh I get it now, the "rant" was supposed to be like a diversion thingy

By the way she gave me the most ADORABLE little wire tree. I'm going to put it on a tiny hat and wear it to school. Because I can. Pictures to come when it's done

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I just thought that because I would definitely get distracted towards the end and then be like, "ooh, squirrel" and completely miss that

Valid questions though. Especially about Od- I mean gecko

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