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Alas, He Is Slowly Driving Me Mad...And I Like It: Pt 2




hey everyone! I'm not going to say much, except enjoy and hopefully you won't think I'm crazy lolz

How is everyone doing? I'm doing okay :) 


Who else has contorted crushes? (hahaha)

Turning me on like a faucet 

Make me feel hot and cold, but now the sink is broken 

Make me feel like a 9.5 earthquake 

Make me shake, to find out that it’s all fake 

And everyone around me has gasped when I told them about you like an artificial audience hearing the news of a death
Nobody could tell about what I’d said because he took my breath 

And it’d be nothing if anything, and apocalyptic, last chance at love crush, and still I wouldn’t be the one 

Wouldn’t kiss me with the chances, he would do it then act like it didn’t happen

And by then I would’ve blackened, who knows what little he’d do for me?

Just to watch me sink into my ashes and to fall on my two knees

Who else has a contorted crush?

You said they’re the reason you now believe in love?

Cause I know there aren’t chances

Yet I keep waiting for it to happen 

When I’ve done some twisted maths for once

And I know from all the angles 

But I like it when you mangle 

Me with blue splotches on my body 

And you speak to me broadly

And keep it vague when it comes to your type

Make me you’re prototype, let me help you decide, let me give you a dollar bet 

You say you’re not indecisive, and the hurt, I try to hide, but I convince when I say “ but you haven’t tried it yet”

Let me paint you an original 

Paint me pink to make it visible 

Cause when I look so dark the splotches look like a reddish kinda blue 

you can't help wonder if I'm okay cause all that blue makes me look bruised

Well my adrenaline is tied to your heart like a taut haywire 

And it’s all to blame and shove until you see that you make my wrists light on fire 

Got me blinded with a different sour lime scent in a mahogany smoke

And I laugh it all off because I should be and know that this “friendship” is a joke












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