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Alas, He Is Slowly Driving Me Mad...And I Like It: Pt 1




YEAH Ya'll might be concerned for that title....wait for the next poems I'm writing next... It's uhm, its very uhm, so yeah :) 

also how is everybodyyyyyYYYY?????

Thorns...Are Beautiful


You're just like a rose with so many thorns because

Seeming fickle to others but I know your full of fuzz

Vines and Vines of yours wrap around every part of me that is mine; my arms held tight even as

 I don't struggle from your soft but firm hold that anyone would see and know that I am the property you own, and not to rent.

The landlord of my heart with autumn-colored leaves

scattered in piles; all wrinkled and shriveled like all the changes and lives

I've loved and lost.


I whisper things all the flowers couldn’t hear in your soft petaled ears 

But you contorted them and I angrily wished I cut you off with garden shears

and grabbed your rough vine-sized arms and wished you were as green 

Cause all of the envy makes my madness go shameless 

You’re the prescription that the doctor has given that makes me feel more than complacent

Incandescent thorns just makes me want you more

To your roots of dirt consistency, to your grounds, I even swore

Cause I treat you like your weeds in my stems but you’re a rose so red all year round I’ll admit that you’re beautiful 

Cute cause you play along that I sigh at the blazing recollection, *sigh*, so juvenile

Suddenly I'm no sleeping beauty because I'm being called to your poisonous thorns but no warning signs blocking my way 

No self preservation ....

I wanna touch you and want you to give yourself to me as a donation

darkest pink blush of all of my begonia blushes 

looking blue. 

so twisted

so bent

when it comes to contorted crushes  (totally didn't make those last words bold cause that's the next poem title) 




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