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First Blog, First Poem: Confused//I Do Not Love Thee!




Hey everyone, this is my first entry in this blog and this is one of my prized and favorite poem in this book so I hope this might convince people and reel everyone in for my upcoming poems! 


Confused// I Do Not Love Thee ( ! ) 

I do not love thee! yet as the days within your chair has gone absent and still as I hope to see your will of resistance in the middle of the hallways, I have all but your best friend to fill my empty ecstasies for you in your absentees, although I do anything but frown when I see no stubborn malice in his eyes as I see in yours to hide the respect and the stars that glow your eyes whenever we make natural contact


I do not love thee! but I will try to stop myself from getting wrapped up in a ribbon of difficulties and will use a scene of a performance act that I've practiced no more than two times to try to conceal the undying zings of amphetamine

that you give unconsciously and I so much very take willingly. 


(this is an extra line I don't know where to put) and melodrama has unfortunately caught me in its clasps of chains like trapping a caged bird with an immortal heart, as when I have to describe those deep earth carved rutile quartz eyes as the light color flows in a temptational chocolate that's begging to be tasted as it is a small piece of ingredients to create the best cake. 


I do not love thee! Even as I grab your wrist and pull you to me, our bodies so close that I could just move one step further, and they would be touching, caressing that my insides are trying to push me near you. and even as every generational love tend to be, I do not seem to be of your interest. Oh but your thorns love, everyone hates them. Oh your thorns love, they may hate them, but I think that thorns...are beautiful 




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P.s , *whispers* the last line in the poem may or may not be the next poem I will be posting soon :>

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2 minutes ago, Elated Homoromantic said:

I actually do like it. It is so amazing.

thank you! I liked yours too I was impressed :)

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