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I honestly didn't know what to call the title of this first blog. Anyway, I'll slowly unload the story.Β  So, the thing I'm most worried about: my dad. My dad was born in early 1970s, right around the time LGTBQ+ rights took off. However, my dad is a very strong Republican. (I live in US, and that's a political party.) I'll explain Republicans for those who live outside the US. Republicans usually have very strong religious beliefs, trusting stuff in the hands in God or whatever gods they follow. Not huge fans of the LGTBQ+ community. Not all of them, but most. Anyway, my dad is firm in his beliefs, and usually we fight over politics due to my socialist-capitalist views. One huge fight we had was in a Safeway, which was rather embarrassing, over letting immigrants in. He wasn't a fan of that, saying they should stay out of our country πŸ™„. I argued that we should let more people in, due the fact it was likely better here than their home countries. I kinda got off-topic, sorry. So, my father has made some snide remarks about trans people. A prime example was that a few years ago, my sister invited a trans friend over. While we where eating dinner, my dad refused to call her the correct pronouns, right name, and told her that she was a boy. Yikes. He still tells him these views to this day, which make me wanna slap him. However, this is not great news for my sister's trans girlfriend, or my trans non-binary self.Β  It makes me cringe when calls feminine pronouns, my old name, or any like that. Yeah. Well, any suggestions?

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Hey there,

Thanks for sharing this with us. I can imagine it's hard for you because you have such different views, and it must be tricky when it's someone so close to you as well. I'm wondering, can you tell me about any positive changes you've seen in him in the sense of his extreme views mellowing out?

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I'm sorry to hear that. I'm wondering, do you feel like his views will ever get better? If they don't, what does that mean for your relationship?

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