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Coming out to my homophobic parents…help.




To start off,

Hello! I’m gryff1ncl4w! I recently came out as lesbian and have only told my close friends. 
But how do I tell my homophobic parents and sister? 
My whole life I said I would “never date a guy” which I now see is much truer than I thought. How do I tell them I would date a girl? That I’ve actually had crushes on girls? 
I’m part of a very religious family…and I’m scared they might even take me out of school if I told them I’m lesbian. I used to be homeschooled and was never around LGBTQ+ people. 
What if they decide public school has “corrupted” me? 
I don’t know what to do. Lock myself in my room and text them “hey btw I’m lesbian. Pls don’t hate me”?


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I know you've probably heard this before but maybe wait until you're 18 or at least until you're financially independent in case the worst case scenario happens. If you feel like they might hurt you physically or verbally maybe wait a couple years. I'm in the same situation so I've decided that for me it would be safer to wait until I'm financially independent. If you really want to come out to your family, make sure that when you tell them you are confident about it. If they see you are unsure they might try to "talk you out of it" because many parents have tried that on their LGBTQIA+ children. There are more resources on this website about how to come out and some stuff to keep in mind if you're planning on doing so. I hope everything works out for you 😊

One more thing: since you're lesbian, if you want to come out don't say you're bisexual, because many gay/lesbian people do that when coming out in hopes that it makes it "Easier" for their parents (it has the opposite result, so I'd you're going to come out then make sure every bit of it is true)


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Hey there,

I'm wondering then, have you already told them before about your identity? If so, other than saying you're too young, how else did they react? How did they feel about what you told them? 

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