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Coming out to my homophobic parents…help.




To start off,

Hello! I’m gryff1ncl4w! I recently came out as lesbian and have only told my close friends. 
But how do I tell my homophobic parents and sister? 
My whole life I said I would “never date a guy” which I now see is much truer than I thought. How do I tell them I would date a girl? That I’ve actually had crushes on girls? 
I’m part of a very religious family…and I’m scared they might even take me out of school if I told them I’m lesbian. I used to be homeschooled and was never around LGBTQ+ people. 
What if they decide public school has “corrupted” me? 
I don’t know what to do. Lock myself in my room and text them “hey btw I’m lesbian. Pls don’t hate me”?


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I saw you made two blog posts that are the same and I've messaged you privately; I hope to hear back from you soon :) 

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