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I’m me and I’m proud ( introducing me and my crazy pets and my awesome friends )




Hi so here I will go as Artemis which is the name I typically go by online ( it was taken here which is the name of a dragon from one of my favorite books ) so to introduce my pets there are the crazy rats Duckin ( pronounced Duke-IN ), Midnight , and Patch, The old hamster Crumbs, the toad Osiris, the bullfrog Bolt, and the leopard geckos Zeus and Odin. My two amazing friends we will be calling Rocky the total awesome non-binary best and Furry the really tall other best friend and he is 10 days older than me. So now to introduce my are ( I will put an example down below of my paper pencil art but up at the top is an example of my digital art I mainly do dragons and landscape as well as some modeling using clay and cardboard model swords ( which will be something I write about frequently. Occasionally I might talk about my latest dnd session in which I will refer to people as their character name ( I’m Sparky the blue dragonborn sorcerer and my pet is Kevin the opossum ). And I will also share about my journey learning more about how I feel about other girls and about guys as well.🐉🦎🐍

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