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Wlw Story That I Promised You! 😏




Hey everyone! I have a short story that is part of a prologue of a new book of mine I'm writing. I will add more to it and also show you all chapters during the following weeks. here it is ^-^ also, I want to check in on everybody, how are you? I'm doing okay just feel a little peaceful so to many people they think I look sad because I'm quiet but I'm just peacefully enjoying life. :))


She pushes me against the wall, and until now I really understand the urgent need coursing through her because my back recoils from the thrashing pain, but I don’t move from under her, god knows what she’ll do next. Or worse, what I’ll do if I move any closer. β€œWhat-” I pause when her finger lightly traces my hand -that is currently against the wall- to my shoulder, comprehending every comprehension there is to take in and feel, and suddenly I’m not so cold anymore. Heat flares on my body, hair standing on ends from the nerves as I try to pull in what little and as much oxygen I can pull into my body. β€œWhat-” I pause and try again. I can’t keep my defenses short, no matter how breathless I sound and feel. β€œ What are you doing? I can’t-” I pause again because there she is, 1-2 inches within my mouth distance, so close I’m practically caressing her lips. So close that if I move any closer, I would be kissing her. So close that if I breathe too deeply my chest, legs, arms, all body parts pressed to hers, even as I struggle to straighten my body. I slowly bring my hands to her shoulders, planning to push her away, but I hesitate. And the question is, why?Β 



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41 minutes ago, Jaylen said:

Wow, that's amazing.

Its really descriptive as well. I felt on edge reading it my selfπŸ’“

Good job

thank you! I'm posting more of that prologue and chapter 1 today!Β 

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2 hours ago, Leafiebean said:

hey bela

and that story is really good! ^v^ you're a amazing writer!

thanks leafie! ^-^Β 

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2 minutes ago, Elated Homoromantic said:

I think that you will easily be the next best selling author (maybe even better that Rosie Jones and her book 'The amzing Edie Eckheart')

really? aww ur too sweet thank u! :)

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