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Friendships In Drawers And Girlfriends In Your Underwear




Hello everyone! I missed posting so much and I want to hear about everyone's day so far :) mine is going okay I am starting to talk to a school counselor about my life and I was honestly surprised when she told me  that I am emotionally intelligent and very mature for a teenager so that felt nice to here. but I think its been a good minute since I've done some good poems and I tell you I am very proud of myself! also I made a very special drawing for my girlfriend and hopefully she'll like it, it will be the picture of the blog so everyone will see it :) anyways my pronouns are he/him and these are the poems (inspo was my gf!) 


We were and are oblivious people in two different ways 

Couldn’t see that I got caught up and breathless in your gaze 

Running on empty dreams because I used up all my imagination about your ecstatic entity 

No, but I knew this couldn’t end well with your hands tied up with mine, ethically

It was when you were my amphetamine and now I’m yours 

Looking at me like you can’t keep it all anymore indoors 

Yeah, I recognize the face, it was on me three months ago 

Pining with anticipation, hands shaking, from holding back

Tension in 2 inches with wide eyes, blown out, pitch-black 

Don’t know if it’s a “once” thing or you might come back 

We were and are in love with someone in two different ways 

Back when your emotional blazing shiver was the one that could grasp me a type of hold 

Back when I was overtaken by a fire that was incredibly flaming, the heat is so much it turned cold 

Blurred in my sight and blurred are the lines when I am within your presence 

No, but I knew that this couldn’t end well with I am being engulfed in your essence 

It was when you were my oxygen and now I’m yours 

Looking like you can’t keep our “friendship” in drawers 

Yeah, I recognize the face, it was on me three months ago





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11 minutes ago, Chabela said:

awh thanks :) 

I appreciate it 

yeah it is you silly sour patch kid ;) 


awww sour patch eh?

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