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Fact #3




This fact is going to be a little bit more sad, at least it is to me.

There’s a type of porpoise called the vaquita. Its name comes from the word for “little cow” in Spanish. Vaquitas are critically endangered due to fishing in their only habitat, the Gulf of California. A type of fish called the totoaba lives in the same habitat as vaquitas do, and totoabas are hunted for their bladders, which can sell for thousands of dollars. Vaquitas get trapped in fishing nets, and scientists estimate that there are only nine vaquitas left in the world. Mexico lifted the ban on fishing in the vaquita habitat, which means that the vaquitas might go extinct.spacer.png

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This is such a shame :(

I hope fishing in their habitat is banned again as it would be a shame to lose them. 

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