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Somedays I feel like I am pretty. And that feeling doesn't come naturally, it’s forced. I definitely hear a lot of positive things from friends and family that I am beautiful and I'm truly grateful for them. But because of my toxic believes, nothing can ever seem to comfort me about my body image issues. I have been trying to work on my body a lot. When I see improvements, i feel the happiest. But when i don't, i curse myself way too much. I'm afraid to go to the mirror to see my face staring back at me. I have questions arising in my mind literally always, “why can't i be pretty”? I'm just a teenager and i want to feel like a normal one. When people put a nice dress on, the feel beautiful. Why can't I feel the same? It got even worse when in my new school, I got bullied for 2 years straight because of my appearance.

I'm trying so hard to change. I  really want to. Because I have been able to accept myself but loving myself seems impossible no matter how much I listen about self-love. Well I do love the person I am internally but not my appearance.

I don't know. I just feel lost, helpless and sad. I don't want to “glow up” for anyone. Trust me. I just want to look better so that I can love myself. So that I can stop worrying about my looks all the time. So that I can finally feel like a normal teenager. I just want to feel beautiful, atleast once in my life.

Thank you for having the patience to read :)

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Body insecurities are quite personal to me too. Sometimes I feel content with myself while I spent the other half of my time cribbing about not being perfect enough and that caused me to isolate myself throughout middle school. Our bodies are constantly changing then why are we conditioned to attach our self worth to it. It is difficult to accept it but you're perfect the way you are and you deserve to be happy.

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Hey there,

Thanks for opening up to us about this. Bi the way made such a good point about how our bodies are constantly changing and questioning why we attach out self-worth to it. I wonder, why do we do that? I think that it's totally normal to beat yourself up when you don't see the kind of changes you want in your body. It sounds like you're in a bit of a negative cycle in terms of how you feel about your body at the moment. It can be helpful to shift the focus away from how our body looks to what our body does for us, for instance, how it allows us to live our life, do the things we love and enjoy, and chase our dreams, for example. What do you think about that? 

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