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How to tell someone you love them?




ok, soo 

I like this boy **** at school but i really think he doesn't like me back

I don't really want to tell him but...

I really don't know what to do

+ my bestie has a new boyfriend and only one boy said he liked me like, 6 years ago!

I'm so jealous 


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Hey Nikita,

Thanks for asking us for advice! I'm wondering, how come you feel he doesn't like you back? How does he behave towards you? 

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I've liked many guys ( and dated a "few online" don't ask) But you should probably wait to tell him or maybe give him a few hints that you like him ( it worked for my best friend ) But what do I know I'm only a kid!😒😑

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I don't know, boys in my secondary school don't care about love and think it's weird

well, maybe not **** or *********.


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23 hours ago, Nikita said:

well, he is actually really nice to me, always giving compliments...

but i think he's just trying to be nice


Hey there,

Thanks for telling me more! I'm wondering, what makes you think he is just trying to be nice? Do you know if he treats other people the same way, or is he giving you special treatment? 

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