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I don’t care anymore




I decided that I don’t give a f*** anymore if my mother excepts me or not and I don’t care what my father will think when he finds out I’m Bi! 
I don’t give 2 💩 about what my family might think! 
I just don’t care anymore!!!

If they can’t accept that I like boys and girls that’s their problem not mine…

I just don’t give a f*** about what people might think of me when they find out I’m Bi… I love myself and I’m not going to change just because my family has a problem with my sexuality!

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Hey there,

How are you?

It seems like you're feeling quite empowered by your sexuality at the moment, and I really like the perspective that you've taken about how if they don't like it, then that's their problem, and nothing to do with you. I guess I'm just thinking, with you previously mentioning that your dad is homophobic, could coming out to him put you in danger, like getting kicked out or being physically harmed? If so, could it be a good idea to maybe wait until you can live independently/move out? Speak soon. 

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