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Hey @Chabela

I'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling so good. Would you like to tell me more about why you're feeling this way? I'm here for you. Speak soon. 

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sometimes I feel sad or just depressed out of nowhere because I´m trying to be better these days and get myself out of the hole I dug myself in and usually means to be pushing away any negativity but also I want to feel sad or depressed sometimes because I´m human and I have feelings but I also live an environment where those feelings can´t be sorted out and felt appropriately 

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Hey Chabela,

Yeah, I think you mentioned a really good point about pushing away the negativity but also then wanting to feel sad or depressed. I think that when we experience challenging emotions, our instinct is to try and get rid of them and get back to feeling happier and calmer. However, just allowing ourselves to sit with those challenging feelings can often be a really helpful way to then move forward once we have had time to process them. What do you think? Also, can you tell me about the environment you're in? 

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