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Alright ya'll, this fandom is almost nonexistant in the US, so it's time for me to introduce you to this masterpiece. Metal Family is a 10 episode YouTube series by Alina Kovaleva, and as you can guess from the author's name, it was originally Russian. I personally have about .00000000001% Russian blood in me (probably more like 5% tbh but I enjoy joking about it because I'm a stereotypical white American) so I enjoy watching Life of Boris and squatting and saying blyat once in a while (not simultaniously but it's possible). Anyways, so the English dub is on YT, and the episodes slowly get longer as the series progresses, but typically stay under 15 minutes. The animation is strangely nostalgic, and the characters are very lovable. My favorite episode is probably the last one (heh, how ironic) because of HOLY BACKSTORY AAAAAAAA- wonderful plot twists and feelios. Reminds me of Shigaraki from MHA where they just throw his backstory in your face at the end of season 5 and then leave you hanging like RiP mY hEaRt OuT aNd StOmP oN iT wIlL yAh-

As you can tell, I am very passionate about this show. It's basically about this family who consists of a very stronk Harley mother, naïve cute child, genius cranky son, and very smart but kind of creepy father. You will grow to love all of them and crack up at their adventures and cry at their trauma. I watched the entire series in about two hours ? Maybe hour to 90 minutes. Not sure. I highly recommend it and think it worth your time. 



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