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Halloween Morning




So, I'm really excited that today is Halloween, but also nervous. Halloween can sometimes be one of my meltdown triggers, since I am autistic. I'm also a perfectionist, and if I can't find a part of my costume, or my three year old sister doesn't want to trick-or-treat a house, that can turn a good day into a bad day. I always handmake my costumes, and I finished this one a few days ago. This year I am dressing up as something that is sort of an abstract concept- the sky. Yesterday we couldn't find a piece of my costume, and that made me worried, but we found it today. 

This year I FINALLY made some friends, and we made plans to meet up tonight, but I'm not sure if that's happening anymore.

That's basically all that's going on today. See ya later.


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Thanks for sharing with us :)

How did your Halloween go? Did you meet up with your friends in the end? 

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