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Weekends Aren´t A Big Exception




Hey guys! I´m pretty sure the sum of us don´t really have much motivation to post over the weekend cause-exhaustion. and since I am a basketball player AND a wrestler, I think you can guess how sore my body is feeling right now >.> I am going to post today but I won´t post again until Monday morning. 

Pronouns: she/her 

these are little scratches of poetry I came up with so its not like my best work but I decided that showing you some scratches will help some of you people who don´t have much inspiration for anything anymore. 


Confronting your feelings

The personal intense reeling 

Is just what I´m dealing with

To just say that I like you

And that I have lied to you

To way too many things you´ve proved


So exhausted with myself... Feeling numb, feeling too much, not willing, and can´t show much of any emotion. And then, *sighs* he comes and has the nerve, the audacity, to ask me if I like him. Silly, silly boy, I don´t like you. I´ve BEEN liking you, loving you, wanting you, needing you, but you can seem to recognize that I do.


Fazed with rainbows, carves of your name on notebooks & bedpost

Scared of liking you too much, makes me straight, always almost 

Awake at three, dazed trained thoughts rushing in this head of mine 

And it always ends up about you 

Psychology has said water bottle wraps and boxes of gum you chew

You smack and rip cause of the sexual tension, bubble gum blue 

My little Hershey wrapped in one, full of calories and glossy bliss

Reminisce the ecstasy in our vowels, our luscious virtual kiss 

Consonants are so constant unlike our back and forth foreplay

You´re just so alluring and enticing, almost always permanently gay  

You ask why I might still kinda like guys but I don´t know the reason either

Why even try those men when you get me a contagious love fever 

Full of pleasure

Can´t remember anything from these two pretty fast days 

It’s every second, every breath of mine is passing away 

I shiver, say I´m cold but it’s 90 degrees

Say I´m hot but we all know you are lying 

Don´t have to be so rude, no nice sympathy 

It’s funny saying they know me, but they’re laughing at me 

So do you not know how to speak English? Oh no? Me too 

Such a bummer, the only thing I can really distinguish is you 






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