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ENA is a trilogy on YouTube by Joel G, which takes place in a fictional, abstract universe. I would say that it is a mix of webcore and dreamcore (the entire aesthetic of the series is basically web/dreamcore). The series itself follows a humanoid female/demigirl named ENA, with her friend Moony. My personal favorite episode is Extinction Party (which is 5 minutes long), but the other two episodes are Temptation Stairway (15 minutes long) and Auction Day (2 minutes long). This time, there are no spoilers because I want you to watch it yourself, but in a nutshell the series is set up like an old video game, where you can interact with characters who appear as sprites, and each one is completely unique with their own personalities. This may sound boring, but it's really hard to not butcher the series with just a description. Once again, I will ask seek guidance from Google. Ah yes, here we go. "Despite the humor and imaginativeness, there's a faint all-encompassing eeriness to the show, and several scenes get very close to outright surrealist horror. Comparisons to something like the game LSD: Dream Emulator practically make themselves." Okay, so there is a lil SpOoKi element, similar to Don't Hug Me I'm Scared and Salad Fingers, but more charming. The actual character ENA has two personalities, which is shown both emotionally and visually by her split blue-and-yellow appearance. Her blue side is geometric and her yellow side is smooth, which represents sadness and happiness, and she has mismatched socks to go with it. When she feels either happy or sad on different intensities, she takes on different physical forms. Her mannerisms are also widely made up of arms and hand gestures, as well as slightly disorienting leg angles (like, how does that not hurt?) My favorite part about her is that she switches naturally from a female to a male voice, which encourages my nonbinary theory :3 Overall, I would rate it an 8.5. There is also a video game coming out that goes with the YT series! 



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